Do you want to learn to handle a shotgun? Do you want to break more targets? Do you want to hit more game birds? Does the family want to learn to shoot a shotgun?

Learning to shoot a shotgun is not a natural ability. It is an acquired skill. With only a few hours of coaching, you can be on your way to becoming a more skilled wing shot.

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  • Paragon Professional Associate
  • Certified NSCA Level Two Sporting Clays Instructor
  • Selected to Sports Afield All American Skeet Team twice.
  • Inducted into North Carolina Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame 2012
  • Selected to North Carolina Skeet Team multiple times.
  • Selected to the North Carolina Trap Team multiple times.
  • Winner of the North Carolina High Overall Skeet Championships.
  • Winner of the North Carolina High Overall Trap Championships.
  • 1988 Sporting Clays World Champion, held in Savannah, GA.
  • High Master in across the course rifle shooting.
  • High Master Long Range Rifle (800, 900, 1000 yards).
  • ATA Classifications: Singles AA, Doubles AA, 27-yard Handicap
  • NSSA Classifications: AAA-AA-AA-AA
  • Life Member: NRA
  • Life Member: NSCA
  • Life Member: ATA



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